Curious Country Creations in the News

politifactdotcom-flagCurious Country Creations was referenced by the St. Petersburg Times recently and I thought you should be aware of the discussion. This post is about Obama’s new budget plan and how it will affect business owners.

The business they focus on is selling Tumbleweeds on the internet.  It is a funny topic that Curious Country Creations is very good at and has been doing for year.  Tumbleweeds, Dried Wheat, Large Cattails, and other hard to find dried plants and decorations are our business and we like to point out that fact that this paper and other companies see us a leader in the floral decoration market and that we are here to stay.

If you have not already tried our amazing products please do.  We want to provide you with a place to get even the most hard to find products for your craft arrangements and decorations.

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