Curious Country Creations donates to Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Three months ago the associate producer of Extreme Makeover Home Edition contacted us and asked if we would like to be involved in decorating a home for a family in need in Kentucky.  We were thrilled and excited to donate to this cause so we had to quickly shipped (They build the houses in 7 days so it doesn’t give much time) some birch branches (see in video at time 34:18), pine cones (see at 35:38),  curly willow, Bayou Grass, Glittered Birch Branches, Raffia (see at 35:38),  Acorns (see at 35:38) to help decorate the Lampe family home.

They built the home and decorated it back in October but it wasn’t until last Sunday that we got to see the results.  The Lampe family was truly in need and we are so happy for them.  It makes us happy to help out a family that has given so much to others.


You can find most of our products on the show as you watch them look at their house.  Our Birch Branches were used to create nests around the girls beds.  The other branches are scattered around the home to decorate corners and walls.  The acorns and pine cones are in the boys rooms on the walls.

We hope to get pictures of our products in the house so stay tuned and good luck and we wish you well Lampe family with your new home.