Dried Silver Dollar Eucalyptus - Kiwi Green

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Silver Dollar Eucalyptus - Kiwi Green
Dried Silver Dollar Eucalyptus is a beautiful variety of eucalyptus that is great for decorating. You will love admiring it and arranging with it.  It is flexible enough to work with and great smelling.  Try some of our Silver Dollar Eucalyptus today and you will love it. We guarantee it.


Product: Silver Dollar Eucalyptus
Color: Kiwi Green
Size: Large 1lb bunch, 16oz
Length: 26-28 inches long
Width at top: about 13 inches
Leaf width: about 2 inches wide
Scent: slightly fainter scent than baby eucalyptus but still apparent
Case Option: Buy a full case of 10 silver dollar eucalyptus bunches and save even More!

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