Gigantic Country Tumbleweed

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This Gigantic sized tumbleweed is guaranteed to move in the wind measuring 30+ inches (or bigger) this one will get your attention crossing the highway. These truly country plants are fun and decorative for any time. Try them painted for a fun Christmas tree that you can decorate for the holidays. A great decorative addition to any country western themed holiday, party, or occasion. These babies were meant to roll so if they are outside make sure they are tied down good. Optional: All tumbleweeds may be spray painted to your individual tastes and desires. If you request any other color then add what color at checkout or email.

Shipping Cost Info: This product requires a over-sized box and USPS charges significantly more on shipping for the box size. The product price is a direct result of the recent postal increases.

  • Size: Gigantic Tumbleweed
  • Diameter: 30+ inches
  • Type: Natural Tumbleweed
  • Colors: Natural, Gold, Silver, Custom
  • Shipping Note: Over-sized shipping box charges apply to this product. Cannot be shipped International without large fees.

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