Jeffrey Large Pine Cones (PineCones)

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Jeffrey Pine Cones
Cleaned and all natural very large pine cones perfect for large pine cone projects. They are large fat pine cones that are tall but also wide giving them a more round to oblong shape.  Each Jeffrey pine cone is unique and perfect from mother nature. They are magnificent and resemble Ponderosa Pine cones except they are bigger.  Jeffrey pine cones also resemble old fashion bee hives and very beautiful to work with.

Product: Large Jeffries pine cones
Amount: 20 pine cones
Length: 4-8 inches long
Width: 2-4 inches wide
Case Option: Buy a full case of 40, or 80 jeffrey pine cones and Save Even More!

Other names for Jeffrey Pine Cones: Bull Pine cones, Black Pine Cones, Pinus Jeffreyi, Greville, and Balfour

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