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Lavender Buds Surchoix Mix:
These lavender buds are beautiful and have shades that range from lavender to blue. They are fragrant and fresh and great for use in homemade potpourri (note: they are most aromatic when placed in sunny/warm locations) or soaps  Lavender flower buds have a wonderful aroma and lavender is known for its calming benefit - it promotes a relaxing atmosphere and can aid in restful sleep. The small buds originate from the flowers that bloom from late spring to early autumn. The uses of our lavender surchoix are endless - use them in decorations or to throw at your wedding, sprinkle on your carpet before vacuuming,  or fill a satchel and put in your pillowcase.  This lavender has a more blue/lavender coloring when compared to our lavender extra, but it does not have as strong of a fragrance. Order depending on your intended use.

Click here for lavender extra which has more of a gray coloring but a stronger lavender smell


Product: Lavender Buds Surchoix Mix
Certified:  Not Organic & Kosher certified (Not since our last shipment. See Super Blue for certification)
Color:  Lavender to blue
Size: 4 oz bag, 1 lb, 10 lb or 20 lbs bulk
Type:  Surchoix Mix for equal color and scent. French grown with beautiful scent and subtle color.
Case Option: Buy a full case of 20 lbs of Lavender Buds and save even more!
Organza Satchel Bag Option: Add 10,24, 60 bags perfect for lavender buds. 3x4 inches each

More Lavender Bud uses:

  • Use at weddings instead of throwing rice
  • Use in making lavender soap or as a bath herb
  • Perfect for lavender potpourri
  • The scent lasts for months but you can always revive it with lavender essential oils.
  • Make a lavender pillow to sooth you to sleep at night
  • Scent a room with lavender buds and get a naturally calm, relaxing, and soothing feel
  • Use it to repel insects.  Lavender is a natural insect repellent.

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