Mechanically Separated Tumbleweed Parts

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Mechanically Separated Tumbleweed Parts
These tumbleweeds that have been hit by a bus, truck, or other motor vehicles. They are Road Kill tumbleweeds that didn't get away. Don't just decorate with nature. Make up a hilarious story about how this tumbleweed is the one that didn't get away.
Tie it to your front grill of your car and drive around town with it or leave it in the box as proof of your tumbleweed story.
Anyway you choose to use these tumbleweeds they have been squashed and beaten to perfection. Why did the tumbleweed cross the road? Doesn't matter because these ones didn't make it.

Bottom Image: Example of a Mechanically Separated Tumbleweed
Size: Varies
Diameter: Varies
Type: Road Kill tumbleweed
Colors: Natural

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