Bell Cup Planters

DIY Bell Cup Planters

We originally stumbled upon this adorable idea on

We thought it was such a cute way to add some plants into your home decor (or would look so cute on your desk at the office.)

You can SO easily customize the paint type, color and plants you add to fit your individual needs.

To make these an even easier upkeep (or if you’re like me and kill everything you touch) you could even use artificial succulents, similar to these that I recently saw at the Dollar Tree.

To make these little planters you will need

  • Bell Cups
  • Paint of your choice and color
  • Dirt, gravel, rocks


Optional –

  • Tape
  • Stickers
  • String/yarn
  • Paintbrush

There are so many different ways to paint the bell cups, from hand painting with craft paint, dipping them into a liquid dye, using marker pens, stickers or whatever other ideas you might have. Here are some fun examples of different painting ideas –

Some people even hung their planters from the ceiling as a unique way of putting your bell cups on display, like in our featured picture from

These are a fun way to bring Spring into your home decor, plants and bright colors are a sure way to brighten up any room. Order your bell cups today and let your imagination run wild.

Be sure to email us your creations, you might be featured in a future blog post.

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