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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products
green beardlessgreen beardless
Sale pricePrice $108.99
green beardless
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Dried Pencil CattailsDried Pencil Cattails
Sale price$188.99
Dried Pencil Cattails
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Dried Red Broom Corn - Decorative Broom CornDried Red Broom Corn - Decorative Broom Corn
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Dried Pepper BerriesDried Pepper Berries
Sale price$554.99 Regular price$749.70
Dried Pepper Berries
Dried Broom Corn - Decorative Black
Basil Fern- OmbreBasil Fern- Ombre
Sale price$450.00
Basil Fern- Ombre
Fern Green Fern- ParchmentFern Green Fern- Parchment
Sale price$431.15
Fern Green Fern- Parchment
Oasis Green Fern - Adianthum - Petite VarietyOasis Green Fern - Adianthum - Petite Variety
28" Moti Stick, Bleached28" Moti Stick, Bleached
Sale price$473.85
28" Moti Stick, Bleached
40" Basil Elephant Reed40" Basil Elephant Reed
Sale price$237.60
40" Basil Elephant Reed