Dried Red Broom Corn - Decorative Broom Corn

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Dried Red Broom Corn for sale
Broom corn was originally grown and made into brooms for sweeping and cleaning.  The long stiff stalks grow a beautiful and colorful fibrous seed head.  Broomcorn, used as brooms, was then threshed and the seed heads removed, leaving the fibrous straws for use in regular and whisk brooms.   Since the invention of synthetic brooms, broomcorn is grown almost exclusively for decoration.  The seed heads of broomcorn are left on, and broom corn makes a wonderful and colorful addition to dried flower arrangements. Broomcorn is interesting and colorful enough to be used in arrangements all by themselves.  The stems of the broomcorn (stem to tip) averages 18 inches.  Broomcorn seed pods come in a variety of colors.  The seed pods of broom corn is variegated from purple to orange, yellow,  to rosy red.  The variety is beautiful together.  Broom Corn has natural coarse seed head.  It is perfect to add volume to your floral projects.

Product: Red Broom Corn
Product Highlights: Long lasting (Looks beautiful for years)
All natural farm grown broom corn
Cleaned and naturally dried
Easy use for floral arrangements and centerpieces
Simply elegant
Product size: 5-6 oz. dried broom corn bundle
Color: Red
Stem Length: about 18 inches
Case Option: 24 Broom Corn bundles per case sold at Bulk Price

Also know as: Black Sorghum, Red Sorghum

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