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Showing 1 - 24 of 69 products
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Dried Lavender Bunch - Grosso (French)Dried Lavender Bunch - Grosso (French)
Sale price$321.99 Regular price$389.70
Dried Lavender Bunch - Grosso (French)
Large Dried Wheat Bundle - 1LBLarge Dried Wheat Bundle - 1LB
Sale price$221.99
Large Dried Wheat Bundle - 1LB
Curly Willow Branches for Arrangements (Long Stem)Curly Willow Branches for Arrangements (Long Stem)
Preserved Eucalyptus Branches - BluePreserved Eucalyptus Branches - Blue
Preserved Eucalyptus Branches for sale - Green 8oz bunchPreserved Eucalyptus Branches for sale - Green 8oz bunch
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Ornamental Wild Grass (Dried)Ornamental Wild Grass (Dried)
Sale pricePrice $85.99 Regular price$131.88
Ornamental Wild Grass (Dried)
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Dried Yarrow Bunches - YellowDried Yarrow Bunches - Yellow
Sale pricePrice $151.99
Dried Yarrow Bunches - Yellow
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Large Country TumbleweedLarge Country Tumbleweed
Sale price$31.99 Regular price$38.99
Large Country Tumbleweed
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Baby TumbleweedBaby Tumbleweed
Sale price$25.99 Regular price$31.99
Baby Tumbleweed
Blackbeard Wheat Bunch - 8ozBlackbeard Wheat Bunch - 8oz
Sale price$241.99
Blackbeard Wheat Bunch - 8oz
Extra Large Wheat Sheaves - 2LB BunchExtra Large Wheat Sheaves - 2LB Bunch
River Cane Bamboo SticksRiver Cane Bamboo Sticks
Sale pricePrice $186.99
River Cane Bamboo Sticks
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Dried Star flower - Natural StarflowerDried Star flower - Natural Starflower
Preserved Eucalyptus Branches for sale - RedPreserved Eucalyptus Branches for sale - Red
Decorative Dried Boxwood - Naturally PreservedDecorative Dried Boxwood - Naturally Preserved
Dried Cotton StalksDried Cotton Stalks
Sale price$73.99
Dried Cotton Stalks
Dried Nigella or (Love In A Mist)Dried Nigella or (Love In A Mist)
Sale pricePrice $139.99
Dried Nigella or (Love In A Mist)
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Dried Phalaris GrassDried Phalaris Grass
Sale price$249.99
Dried Phalaris Grass
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Triticum Wheat 8oz BundlesTriticum Wheat 8oz Bundles
Sale price$188.99 Regular price$279.80
Triticum Wheat 8oz Bundles
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Protea Repens Natural BunchProtea Repens Natural Bunch
Sale pricePrice $254.99
Protea Repens Natural Bunch
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Dried Sweet Annie Flower BunchDried Sweet Annie Flower Bunch
Sale price$325.00
Dried Sweet Annie Flower Bunch
Meadow Grass - Meadowgrass, Meadows GrassesMeadow Grass - Meadowgrass, Meadows Grasses
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Dried Floral Button Flowers - ColorsDried Floral Button Flowers - Colors
Sale pricePrice $165.99 Regular price$191.88
Dried Floral Button Flowers - Colors
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