Triticum Wheat 8oz Bundles

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Triticum Wheat Bunch
Triticum wheat bundles are beautiful, long stemmed light green to golden yellow wheat stocks. Triticum wheat is often used in bouquets or floral arrangements, but is also the first choice pick for crafting projects. Soaking the long stems of triticum wheat in water for 8 to 12 hours softens the stems enough that they can be woven into ornaments, garlands, swags and other wheat crafts. With its long stems, triticum wheat is also very dramatic when used in a bouquet. The triticum wheat bundle can be used alone, but also does very well when mixed with a variety of other grasses and grains. Try adding triticum wheat to a mixture of Avena Oats, millet (both green and oak colored), rye, rice and both club and black beard wheat for an unusual and beautiful bouquet. Triticum wheat also looks fabulous gathered into a basket, laid on its side, as if it was just being brought indoors from the fields. Add triticum wheat to your decor today.

Product: Triticum wheat bunch, raffia tie not included
Colors: Blond natural (main picture), yellow, orange, rust, burnt oak, grass green, bleached
Size: 8 ounce Wheat Bundle
Wheat Stems: 40-60 stems
Length: 24-28 inches
Case Pack: 20 bunches of 40-60 stems

Length Note: Wheat length does vary each year.  Some minor trimming with scissors maybe require for your individual project. 

Also known as: triticale wheat

Triticum wheat comes in a variety of colors and lengths as seen in pictures below. See our bleached white version here!

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