Preserved Juniper Mini Tips - Juniper Boughs

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Preserved Juniper Tips - Juniper Boughs
If you love the smell and look of Juniper tips you have come to the right place.  These juniper branches are preserved with glycerin which maintains the color and smell of the branches indefinitely. You will love these juniper boughs used by themselves in a vase or just add some other dried flower for even more fun and eye appeal. You will love them.  We guarantee it.

Product: Preserved Mini Juniper Tips - Juniper Boughs / Juniper Branches
Amount: 8oz bunch
Size: 8-12 inches long
Color: Green
Type: Preserved with glycerin to maintain scent and color
Case Option: Buy a full case of 10lbs or 45lbs of Juniper Tips and Save Even More!

Other Spellings: Juniper Boughs, Juniper Branches, Juniper branch tips

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