Dried Pepper Berries

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Dried Pink Pepper Berries
Pepper berries are a very popular and useful berry for any decorating season.  Dried and natural, the pepper berries will stay their cheery color indefinitely.  Wonderful for use in wreaths and garlands, made into jewelry, added to decorative trees, tied onto packages, added to hats, tucked into floral arrangements, coupled with holly or just on their own, the pepper berry is sure to bring a bright spot and cheery feeling to any décor.  Pepper berries may or may not be attached to a stem. These long lasting and natural pepper berries are sure to make your next crafting experience turn out ‘just right’.  Enjoy the beauty of nature by adding pepper berries to your home or office décor today!

Product: Dried Pepper Berries
Amount: 4 oz bunch
Length: 10-12 inches long
Color: Pink
Contains: 4 ounces of dried pepper berries and stems
Case Option: Buy a full case of Dried Pepper Berries and Save Even More!
Other Info: Long lasting (Looks beautiful for years)
All natural farm grown pepper berries
Cleaned and naturally dried
Easy centerpieces and wreaths

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