Lavender Loofah Soap

I saw a brilliant idea in a Facebook video today.  A quick Pinterest and YouTube search using the terms “Lavender Loofah Soap” resulted in a plethora of different recipes and techniques to follow. Looking at the comments in a lot of these videos and tutorials the number one question that I read was “Where can I find Loofah sponges and Lavender Buds to make this soap?”  Guess what? We sell them!  All natural dried Loofah sponges, and the best smelling culinary quality Lavender Buds you’ve ever smelled.

A Loofah Sponge inside Lavender soap (an example of soap sold on Etsy)

Loofah Sponges have been used through the ages for gently exfoliating skin and leaving it soft, and is an all-natural product that can be used to replace those plastic shower scrubbers.  Lavender scent is soothing and so peacefully fragrant, the scent lingers on your skin and clothing and makes you feel calm and fresh.  There is no better way to get that fresh lavender scent than with all-natural Lavender Buds— picked fresh in the fields and naturally dried to preserve their beautiful color and scent.

Click on the links above or the pictures of our Loofah Sponges and Lavender Buds below to place your order, pick up some melt and pour glycerin soap from your local craft store, and maybe some essential oil if you want even more scent, and you’re quickly on your way to deliciously scented, moisturizing and exfoliating homemade soap.  How great would this be to give out for Valentine’s Day to all of your mom friends or co-workers?  Or for Mother’s Day to those special Moms in your life?

Luffa Sponges / Loofah Sponges

***Our Loofah Sponges are harvested and dried and may contain some seeds.  They are easy to remove by shaking them out over a garbage can.***

Lavender Buds - Bulk Bag of Lavender Flowers

This quick and easy homemade soap is sure to be a hit– pick up your Loofah Sponges and Lavender Buds and make some scrumptious soap for yourself and your friends.  They will love you for it!

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