Cotton stalks and cotton balls are a unique option to style your place.

One of the most simplest ways to utilize cotton in home decor is by keeping full sprigs intact and placing them in a vase like you would a flower. And you can choose to keep them solitary or add other foliage.

Placing cotton stems into crocks and cotton spheres into carved wood bowls are perfect ways to decorate, and the neutral colors of white, greens and creams look just right together in a natural look.

Cotton plants and branches are so all-sufficient that they needn’t anything but a cool vase that corresponds your décor.

A shabby chic pitcher for shabby chic or rustic style, a gilded vase for a glam look or a transparent glass vase for a modern look. If you want a southern-style display, choose magnolia branches and cotton ones for a cute look. Add cotton plants to evergreen displays and bring some pine cones for a cute organic look.

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