Crafting and Caring for Bamboo Vases


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Among our exceptional offerings here at Dried Décor, our bamboo vases truly stand out. Available in a captivating array of colors, they effortlessly complement any space and design style. Today, we are thrilled to showcase these extraordinary creations, shedding light on their intricate craftsmanship and providing you with a comprehensive care guide to help preserve their timeless allure.

How Bamboo Vases are Made

Bamboo vases are typically crafted using a combination of traditional techniques and modern tools. Each vase is handmade and shaped by its crafter. 

The process starts with gathering and preparing bamboo stalks. Stalks are harvested after growing for 3-5 years. Once harvested, the stalks are cleaned, branches and leaves are removed, and the bamboo is cut into long, thin planks. These planks are then left to dry.

After weeks of drying, vase makers take the various bamboo strips and shape them around a mold with a binding agent, usually glue, to keep them in place. 

Finally, the vases are sanded down until the wood is smooth, then polished to preserve the wood. After a final inspection these beautiful vases are ready to be shipped! 

How to Care for Bamboo


Unlike other vases on our site, Bamboo vases are delicate and require additional care to prevent damage. Follow these quick tips to keep your vases looking brand new.

  • Weigh Them Down: Bamboo is a lightweight building material, so our bamboo vases are light. To prevent the possibility of tipping, we recommend placing a heavy object like a sandbag or rock at the bottom of the vase
  • Avoid Water: Our bamboo vases are not watertight. Adding water may damage the polish or leak through the vase. 
  • Pair with Dried Botanicals: Our dried stems and grasses pair perfectly with these bamboo vases. 

We hope that these tricks will help maintain your bamboo vases for years to come.

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