Lavender: Dried Decor's Flower of the Month

We are so lucky to be able to source our dried products from local growers and sell them to you at peak quality. Come shop for lavender in a bunch, a bouquet, or a bag of buds. 

This month, we are highlighting a favorite for both aesthetic and functional purposes: lavender! For over thousands of years, lavender has been cultivated for its healing properties and soothing fragrance. While fresh lavender flowers are a popular choice for bouquets and décor, dried lavender has become increasingly popular for its longevity and versatility.

Dried lavender can be used in a variety of ways, including as a natural air freshener, in potpourri, or as a decorative element in wreaths and centerpieces. Its delicate fragrance can also be infused into candles, soaps, and other beauty and skincare products.


In addition to its fragrance, lavender's color and texture can also add interest to interior design. Its pale purple hue can be used as an accent color in décor or as a backdrop to brighter colors, and its delicate flowers and foliage can add texture to floral arrangements and wreaths.

When it comes to incorporating lavender into interior design, there are countless ways to do so. For homes, dried lavender can be used in bedroom décor, either in a vase or as a sachet tucked under pillows or in drawers. For businesses, lavender can be used in reception areas, waiting rooms, and treatment rooms to create a calming atmosphere for clients and customers. Dried lavender can also be incorporated into products sold in-store, such as candles, soaps, and bath salts.

Overall, we think lavender is one of the best flowers to add to your next project. Dried Lavender brings a nice muted color to designs and keeps a fresh fragrance. 

We want to see your designs using our flowers!  Tag us @dried_decor_ on Instagram, or send us your picture to  Featured Photos receive $100 in store credit!


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