How to Make a Mini Indian Corn Wreath
Thanksgiving DIY Wreath

Autumn is such a beautiful season, and it's also so fun to decorate for! Colorful natural products are a great way to bring that beauty into your home or events.

Today I'm sharing with you a simple tutorial to make yourself a big, beautiful Mini Indian Corn Wreath. You can use this stunning and colorful wreath to decorate your dining room, kitchen, guest bedroom, front door, or anywhere you want to make a big statement! Welcome friends and family to your home for Thanksgiving with this beautiful and unique vibrantly colored wreath.

Mini Indian Corn Wreath

Materials Needed:

Sturdy Cardboard Circular Wreath Form (I used a utility knife to cut it out)

Burlap Fabric to cover the cardboard (about 1/2 yard)

20-24 Ears of Mini Indian Corn

Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Twine or Ribbon if desired (for hanging)

Wreath Hanger

Thanksgiving Wreath Tutorial

You can watch a full tutorial of how to make this DIY Thanksgiving Wreath on our YouTube channel (video at the end of this post). Here are basic instructions and some tips for success!

Make sure your cardboard wreath form is sturdy and won't bend or break-- make it out of two or three layers of cardboard hot glued together if you need to. I drew a circle in my desired size (14 inch diameter) and carefully cut that out with a utility knife. Then I drew a 5 inch diameter circle centered on that cutout and then cut that circle away. This left me with a ring about 4 inches wide.

Cover your cardboard wreath form with burlap fabric. I cut the fabric about two inches larger than the wreath form, then cut slits all the way around the exterior and interior of fabric circle to make tabs. Hot glue the fabric onto the face of the wreath form, then flip it over and glue the tabs down. Make sure the edges lie smoothly.

Start attaching the Mini Indian Corn to the fabric-covered wreath form using plenty of hot glue. Vary the colors as you go, and make sure that you place the tips of the ears of corn evenly to create a circle in the middle of the wreath. Press and hold the ears of corn until the glue sets to ensure that they are firmly attached.

While you are working with the Mini Indian Corn some of the leaves and husks may break off. Glue these leaves back on to the wreath wherever you want more fullness. Fluff and intertwine the leaves to make the wreath look full and connected.

Hang the wreath after all of the glue is fully hardened - you can either place it directly on a wreath hanger, or you can tie a loop of twine or ribbon through the middle of the wreath to hang it on a wall hook. You can also embellish the wreath with a fun burlap or ribbon bow.

Store this wreath to use year after year by placing it carefully in a wreath box with a sturdy lid, or carefully place it in a plastic bag and lay it flat on a shelf. Make sure to not store anything on top of it or the leaves may get crushed. Keep away from moisture and pests, and you'll have this amazing do-it-yourself wreath to decorate your home for many Autumns.

Here is the Tutorial Video so you can see how quickly and easily this DIY Thanksgiving Wreath is made!

We'd love to see the Fall and Thanksgiving Wreaths you create-- post photos on social media and tag @curiouscountrycreations

easy 30 minute autumn wreath

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

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