How to wrap your Christmas presents like a pro

The time to start wrapping presents is here, and if you have already chosen the perfect gift, we want to help you to make it even more special with the perfect presentation.

So here are some ideas to inspire you, plus useful tips to help you wrap your presents beautifully.

The easiest one is to wrap boxes, so here are some useful tips.

  • The first step is the measurements. So, ensure that you do not have too much access paper and cut it down to size.
  • Second step, try and get the paper as tight around the box as possible. And use double-sided tape to give a professional finish.
  • And finally, finish by tying a pretty bow and decoration, in this case, we suggest using our beautiful pine and berry branches.

We also have some tips for awkwardly shaped presents, it would be better to opt for flexible wrappings such as tissue, cellophane, netting, and fabric remnants, these will wrap around curved surfaces or any other irregular-shaped objects easily, unlike traditional wrapping paper. And if you have extra-large items, a paper tablecloth is a great option as it’s a large size, inexpensive, and makes the wrapping a lot easier.

We have selected a few options that will be perfect with different type of bows in your presents, you can check more options on our website.


  Pine Cones & Dried Pods HERE

 Dried Rose Hips HERE

 Dried Sweet Annie Flower Bunch HERE

 Preserved Eucalyptus Bunch - Green HERE

Check our pine cone section HERE

Dried fruits, seeds and berries section HERE

 Decorative dried boxwood HERE


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