St Patrick's Day Wreath

St Patrick’s Day Wreath

St Patrick’s Day – the day I always forget about and leave my house with no green on, then spend the rest of the day getting pinched, waiting to go home and vowing to myself that next year I’ll remember, I’m obviously not Irish. I’ll give you a quick history lesson about St Patrick’s Day, as a lot of people don’t know why we celebrate it other than an excuse to party, wear green and pinch people.

St Patrick’s Day was originally a Catholic holiday in Ireland, celebrating their patron saint – St Patrick. “Some still follow the tradition in Ireland. Catholics will wear green and Protestants will wear orange. These colors are represented on the flag and the white in the middle represents the peace between the two” (Latin Times.) Then in the 1700’s Irish immigrants brought the tradition to America with a parade in New York City, and it took off from there.

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If you’re Irish, maybe you go all out in decorating for the holiday. But my guess is that most of us don’t do a home makeover in green for the month of March. That being said, there are ways to add a pop of green and feel festive for the holiday without turning your entire home into a leprechauns dream.

Adding a fun wreath to your front door this St Patties Day is one of our favorite ways here at Curious Country Creations, to add the festive green pop you’re looking for. There are so many different ideas and ways to create a DIY St Patrick’s Day wreath, but we think using a twig wreath with some green and white flowers (or cutouts, ribbon, wording) is a great way to bring Spring colors while still using the look of branches for Winter.

To start your own homemade St Patrick’s Day wreath, you’ll first need the base.

Round Birch Branch Wreath

Then its a matter of decorating to fit your style. Here are some of the great options of dried flowers we have that we think would be great additions to a St. Patrick’s Day wreath.

Spring Green Oak Leaves

Chartreuse Oak Leaves

Kiwi Green Eucalyptus

Hanging Amaranthus – Lt or Dk green

Mums (Available in white or green)

Ming Rose Heads

Peonies – Creme

Dried Stardust Gypsophila


We would love to see all of your recreations or St Patrick’s Day decor.

Do you decorate for St Patrick’s Day?

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