6 Tips on how to take care of dried flowers

If you want your dried flowers to look beautiful in the years to come, these easy tips will help you.

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Avoid water and humidity
Unlike their fresh friends, dried blooms do not like water. None. It makes their stems weak and mouldy. Keep them warm and dry at all times.
Preserved flowers have been processed to retain a specific percentage of moisture to maintain flexibility, that's why it is important to display them and store them in a dry environment at all times.

Please, no direct sunlight
Dried flowers will fade away with time, it is part of their natural process, but in order to enjoy them as much as possible please avoid exposing them directly into the sunlight.

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Avoid high traffic spaces
Dried flowers are delicate, so it is better to avoid putting them in places where they are going to be move around, also it is better to keep them away from small hands and furry tails.

Be gentle
Even when they start fading you can still enjoy them in some other ways, for example, you can collect fading petals and store them in little bags to enjoy the scent or turn them into decorative elements.

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Make sure there is good airflow
Mostly make sure there are no temperature fluctuations, which can cause humidity and therefore mold, you can check from time to time if your flowers are nice and dry, to enjoy them longer.


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And here it is an extra tip

How to clean dried flowers?
Inevitably there is dust around, and of course you want to keep your dried flowers clean, so we suggest to gently spray them with a few puffs of canned air duster (used to clean electronics), you can also clean them with a hair dryer on a low, no-heat setting. And finally, if dust persists, gently wipe with a cloth or feather duster.

We know if you follow our tips you'll enjoy your flowers for a long time.



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