Beautiful Parchment Roses - Wood Roses

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Beautiful Parchment Roses - Wood Roses

Parchment roses are amazing sites to see.  They are a homemade product made of natural materials.  You will love the detail that has been put into making these beautiful works of art for you.  From short distances you will not even be able to tell the are not real.  We know you will love these wood roses so much we guarantee your satisfaction.  Try some parchment paper roses today and you will be so glad you did.

Product: Beautiful Parchment Roses - Wood Roses
Amount: 12 flowers per bunch
Type: Homemade Parchment (wood) Roses
Length: 6 inch wire stem
Flower width: 2-3 inches
Colors: Rose (center), from bottom clockwise Burnt Gold (Gold), yellow gold (sold out), Rose Cream(sold out), Lilac (sold out), Plum  (Purple), Coral (sold out), Rose
Case Option: Buy a full case of 10 bunches and save big!

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