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Bleached Bell Cups
Natural Bell Cups make a very classy and unique addition to your floral craft project or interior decorating design.  Beautifully preserved, these bell cups will keep their unique beauty for many seasons if handled with care. Each bell cup is attached to a long stem, which makes them perfect for placement in a tall vase alone or with other pods, fresh or dried flowers, or decorative grasses and grains. The stems are easily trimmed if you wish to place the bell cups in smaller arrangements or add them to wreaths, centerpieces or other displays. Decorate your home or office with Bell Cups. Make thousands of different arrangements with bell cups and your decorations will look spectacular.

Product: Dried Bell Cups
Color: Bleached White
Stemmed: Comes on 16-18 inch natural looking wire stem
Amount: 6 stemmed bell cups per bunch or 8 bell cups unstemmed
Size: Size of bell cups varies a little as pictured
Case Option: Buy a full case of stemmed or picked  Bell Cups and Save Even More!

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