Curly Willow Branches for Arrangements (Long Stem)

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Curly Willow Branches
Curly Willow makes a fabulous addition to any floral arrangement, centerpiece, or craft project. These branches are naturally twisted and are quite flexible. These versatile willow branches can be placed in floral frogs or styrofoam blocks in arrangements, or they can be tied or glued into place for whatever you are crafting. Dried willow branches can even be shaped for your specific needs. Simply soak the branches in warm water for a few hours until even the thickest portion of the stem becomes pliable. Then you can remove the willow branches from the water and gently bend them between your fingers to make your desired shape. Allow the willow branches to dry thoroughly. They will keep the form that you have made, making them a great medium for natural artwork and arrangements. Curly Willow branches are often placed in a tall vase alone, making a stunning accent to a chic decorating style in any room of your house. Try placing a vase full of curly willow branches on a high shelf in your living room, with some of your favorite figures, sculptures or paintings. It is sure to add a dramatic flair to your home decor. Curly willow branches look great at weddings. A bride that we recently worked with arranged curly willow with artificial hibiscus flowers wired on at intervals in vases with fresh limes. These vases were placed on tables at an outdoor reception; another vase holding a candle was placed adjacent to the first. The effect was glamorous, yet simple. Curly willow could be just the item that will make your event, floral arrangement or craft project perfect. These curly willow branches are approximately three feet long bundles.


Product: Curly Willow Branches
Color: Natural Light Brown
Stems: 8-10 stems per bunch depending on branching (Main Image: 1.5 Light Brown Curly Willow Bunch pictured)
Type: Dried Natural Curly Willow
Length: 3-4 feet
Case Option: Buy a full case of 12 curly willow bunches and Save More!

International note:  We currently ship this curly willow branches to Canada and other international countries.  It is your ultimate responsibility to confirm with your local customs if it will be accepted.

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