Curly Willow Decorative Balls

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Options: Case of 9, 4 inch balls
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Curly Willow Balls
Curly willow balls are beautiful handmade decorative balls.  They are made from natural curly willow and then dried in their perfectly round shape.  They go lovely with other decorative balls in a centerpiece, on a shelf, or anything else you would like to use them for.  Try some curly willow balls today and you will not be disappointed.  We Guarantee it!

Product: Natural Curly Willow Balls
Color: Natural tan as pictured
Sizes: 4,6,8 inch balls
Case Only: Parts of this product are only sold by the discounted cases right now.  Let us know if you would like it in smaller amounts and we will try to accommodate you.

Also called: Curly vine balls, decor balls, decorative balls, decor orbs

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