Curly Willow Topiary Ball - Moss coated

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Options: Case of 9, 4 inch balls
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Moss coated Curly Willow Topiary Ball
Curly Willow Moss Balls, by themselves or filled with dried flowers make beautiful ornaments for a decorative tree. Covering a decorative arbor with curly willow branches, and then hanging curly willow moss balls makes a beautifully rustic archway any bride would be captivated to be married below. With a wide variety of dried flowers, grasses and grains, an imagination and curly willow moss balls, you can create a masterpiece for your home or office.

Product: Curly willow topiary ball coated with moss
Size: 6 inch
Type: Moss coated
Case: get 8 per case at bulk pricing
Other Case Sizes Options: 4 inch, 8 inch size mosscoat curly willow balls

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