Decorative Leatherleaf (leather leaf)

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Decorative Leatherleaf
The leatherleaf fern is a true fern.  The mature fronds are dark green, and then cut and harvested by hand. Our fronds are then preserved to keeps their dark green beauty for years. Whether you are adding a few fronds to one of our ready designed bouquets, or designing an arrangement of your own, leatherleaf ferns will add color, natural beauty and enhancement to your bouquet.  Add in some preserved baby's breath for a truly professional looking complete bouquet that will last for years to come. Make your floral wreaths, bouquets, swags and garlands have the touch of a professional by the addition of leatherleaf ferns.

Product: Leatherleaf
Size: Large 10 pc bunch
Color: Green
Type: Preserved and Dried
Case Option: 20 bunches per discount case

Also know as: Leather leaf, Leatherleaf Fern, Leather Fern, Rumohra adiantiformis

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