Dried Ammobium Flower Bunch or Winged Everlasting

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Options: Case of 20 bunches
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The bright and sparkling white flower makes a long lasting and cheerful bright spot wherever it is placed.  Wonderful alone in a vase, or simply tied with a ribbon and placed on a shelf or hung from a wall, Ammobium is a cheerful reminder of warm summer days and beautiful fields of wild flowers.  The brilliant white color is pure and clean looking.  Ammobium adds light to arrangements. Small strawflower - like flowers.  Papery white, a great alternative to more common white fillers.  A natural dried flower. Our Ammobium has a straw-flower like feel in its dried state.  It never needs watering. Dried mmobium will not wilt or fade.  Whether used alone as an exquisite centerpiece, or added to other fresh or dried flowers, ammobium makes an excellent focal point.  It is pleasing to look at, and will last for years bringing a bright spot of brilliant white and muted yellow to any dried decor arrangement.

Product: Dried Ammobium flower bunch
Amount: 4 oz dried Ammobium large bunch
Length: 24-28 inches long
Diameter of the flowers: about 1/4-1/2 inches
Case Option: Buy a full case of 24 Ammobium bundles and Save Even More!
Also called: Winged Everlasting, preserved flowers, preserved flower, dried flowers 

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