Dried Artemesia (Artemisia, Silver King, Wormwood)

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Dried Artemesia bunch
Artemesia is a member of the Wormwood family, and is a native of England.  Known as Wormwood, Mugwort, Great Basin Sagebrush or Tarragon, Artemesia is known for its bitterness in flavor.  However, as a dried plant, Artemisia has many uses in home or office décor. Artemisa is lovely enough to make an interesting bouquet all on its own.  Just add to a tall vase for a beautiful bit of nature as a centerpiece for a table or lovely side accent in your home or office. When Artemisia is added together with Yarrow, Safflower and Pearly Everlasting, tucked in along with bell cups and lotus pods, the combination will make a truly beautiful bouquet that will last for years.

Product: Artemesia flower bunch
Color: light green
Amount: Large 5-6 oz bundle
Length: 12-18 inches Artemesia Flower Stem Length
Case Option: Buy a full case of 15 Artemesia wormwood bunches and Save Even More!

Other info: Long lasting (Looks beautiful for years)
All natural farm grown Artemesia
Cleaned and naturally dried
Easy centerpieces, Wreaths, Crafts
Simply elegant
For Decorations Only

Also called: silver king, wormwood, worm wood, preserved flowers, preserved flower, dried flowers


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