Dried Baby's Breath Natural - Dried Gypsophila

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Dried Baby's Breath (Dried Gypsophila)
The piece de resistance of all florists is the wonderful filler gypsophila, better known as "Baby's Breath" in the United States, and "Soap Wort" in Canada.  Known as 'gyp' or Albeon in the floral industry, it is indispensable when putting together fresh or dried floral arrangements.
Gyp or Baby's breath flowers are arranged in clusters on a multiplicity of branches or inflorescence. Each flower is small, only 3-10 mm in diameter and has five petals. Our beautifully delicate arrangement of tiny flowers has been dried to a beautiful natural white to add just the right touch to any floral arrangement.

Product: Dried Baby's Breath - Dried Gypsophila
Bunch Size: large 7-8 oz
Branches: about 20 branching branches
Length: About 25 inches tall
Color: White (Natural)
Case: Buy a case of 6 and Save Even More!


Other names: baby's breath, baby's breath, gypsophylia, dried gypso, blooms gypsy, dried baby breath, dried fill flowers, babies breath, gyp bloom, gypsy bloom, blooms gypsy, gypso, Gypsophila, gypsum, baby's-breath, Gypsophila paniculata

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