Dried Broom Blooms-Natural

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Options: Case of 15 bunches - Natural
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Dried Broom Bloom Flowers
Many people mistake broom bloom for baby's breath and they are very similar but broom bloom flowers tend to be concentrated to the end of the stems and not throughout like baby's breath.  Both are very beautiful and have a great look so feel free to interchange them as your needs dictate. Available in many colors to suit your decorating scheme.  Try some Broom Bloom today.  You will love the results.  We Guarantee it!

Product: Blooms Broom Flowers
Amount: 4-5 oz bunch (1 bunch shown)
Colors: Natural as shown
Length: 18-22 inches long
Case Option: Buy a full case of 15 Broom Bloom Bunches and Save Even More!
Bulk Case Option: Buy a full case of 20, 1 lb Broom Bloom Bunches and Save Even More!  (5 times as much product)

Other names: Blooms Broom, Dried Blooms Broom, Baby's Breath Substitute, Brooms Bloom,  baby's breath, baby's breath, gypsophylia, dried gypso, blooms gypsy, dried baby breath, dried fill flowers, babies breath, gyp bloom, gypsy bloom, blooms gypsy, gypso, Gypsophila, gypsum, baby's-breath, Gypsophila paniculata

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