Dried Bunny Tails Grass

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Dried Bunny Tails Grass
Bunny tails are a beautiful ornamental grass (lagurus ovatus) that are irresistible to touch.  Their fluffy and endearing seed heads are reminiscent of a soft little bunny's tail, hence their name!  Our bunny tails are picked at their peak of bloom and dried naturally to last indefinitely. Our bunny tails come in both natural, which is a shade of creamy tan and bleached which gives them a milkier hue. A bouquet of bunny tails is uniquely elegant on its own. Simply place a bunch of bunny tails in a vase and place in an eye catching place.  They look both formal and fun.  Whether you choose bleached or unbleached, or a mixture of the two, bunny tails are sure to bring pleasure to all who view the unique bouquet.

Product: Dried Bunny Tail Grass
Color: Natural Blond
Weight Amount: 2 oz bunch
Stem Length: 20-24 inches
Head Length: 2 inches
Stems: about 50-60 stems (We measure by weight)
Pictured: One bunch pictured
Case Option: Buy a full case and save even more!


Also know as: Hare's Tail

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