Dried Celosia Coxcomb Flowers - Cockscomb

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Dried Celosia Coxcomb Flowers
Cockscomb (Celosia) can be added to any combination of dried flowers for a stunning display. Our cockscomb is picked at the peak of its bloom, and hung to dry naturally. It will retain its unique and vibrant natural colors for years of enjoyment. A bouquet of different hues of cockscomb, or Celosia, offers a wonderful bouquet to cheer any room. Place a bouquet of Cockscomb (Coxcomb) on a dining or side table. Add Cockscomb to a bouquet of other interesting dried flowers such as Love in a Mist, Sweet Annie, Larkspur, Peonies, Yarrow or Hydrangeas for a truly unique, bright and cheerful bouquet. Beautiful dried flowers. They are solid, large, colorful heads on stems (natural or added.) 


Product: Dried Celosia Coxcomb (Cockscomb) Flower Bunch
Amount: 4 oz large bunch
Length: 24-28 inches long
Color: Burgundy, Rose, Buff (Cream)
Case Option: Buy a full case of 20 Celosia Cockscomb bunches and Save Even More!

Other Info:Long lasting (Looks beautiful for years)
All natural US farm grown Celosia Cockscomb
Cleaned and naturally dried
Easy centerpieces and Bouquets
Simply elegant

Also called: cockscomb, cocks comb, coxcomb, celosia, preserved flowers, preserved flower, dried flowers

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