Dried Dark Blue Larkspur Flower For Sale

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Options: Case of 15 bunches - Blue
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Dried Dark Blue Larkspur Flower Bunch
One of nature's most beautiful flowers, larkspur can be seen blooming in the wild during late spring and early summer.  Fern-like foliage makes a dark background for branches covered in star-like or tubular shaped bright colored flowers. There are many different varieties of larkspur with all different shapes and colors of the blooms, but all are simply breathtaking. A shady forest or rock garden suddenly is covered in a carpet of larkspur flowers when they are in season. Capture the beauty of springtime by adding dried larkspur flowers to your home decor. Dried larkspur flowers are a popular addition to dried flower arrangements, spring wreaths, bouquets, and flower baskets. Carefully and naturally dried, these larkspur plants and flowers are sure to add beauty to your home for years to come. Add Mother Nature's artwork to your home today by adding several bunches of larkspur to your next craft project or event.

Product: Dried Dark Blue Larkspur
Colors: Dark Blue, Lilac (Slightly lighter blue than Dark Blue),  (See our other colors)
Size: 4 oz. ( Approx. 28 stems per bunch )
Length: 24-28 inches
Case Option: Buy a full case of Blue or Lilac Larkspur and Save Even More!

Other info: Long lasting (Looks beautiful for years)
All natural farm grown Larkspur
Cleaned and naturally dried
Easy centerpieces and Bouquets
Simply elegant
Also called: delphinium, preserved flowers, preserved flower, dried flowers

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