Dried Dogwood Branches * Available mid-October through May *

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Dogwood Branches
Dried Dogwood branches are perfect for beautiful floral centerpieces. They retain the vibrant red color indefinitely when harvested from October to January when they are without their summer foliage. This is when we harvest and dry our dogwood branches for the best color.  This is also a great time to catch them at the peak time to preserve the dogwood branches so they will last and look brilliant for a long time in your arrangements. Dogwood stems aren't very brittle and can also be soaked like cane and woven into wreathes or baskets. The longer dogwood branches usually have little 6 inch or so stems off of them so they do look nice it a very tall arrangements.

Product: Dried Dogwood Branches
Season: Available starting in Mid October until sold out. Red Dogwood Branches are ideal for decorating outdoors.
 Stem length: Approximately 36" to 48"
Color: reddish to black
Amount per bunch: 4 branches
Please note: Dogwood can take up to one week to process before shipping.


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