Dried Everlasting Flowers - Natural Helichrysum

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Dried Natural Everlasting Flowers
Dried everlasting flowers are a classic, staple, and amazing flower all wrapped up into one.  They have a wooly stem that is unlike anything else and a star bust flower that is perfect for adding to bouquets and flower arrangements.Everlasting is a beautiful, elegant, pure white dried flower.   A must for weddings, events, and any dried flower decoration.

Product: Dried Everlasting Flowers
Color: Natural White
Stem: 10-12 inches long wooly stem
Size: 4 oz bunch
Amount: about 24 stems (2 bunches pictured)
Case Option: Buy a case of 20 Everlasting flower bunches and Save Even More!

Other Spellings and names: Helichrysum, decorative everlasting

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