Dried Flax Bunch or Linum Bunch

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Dried Flax (Linum)
Beautiful on it's own but makes a great filler with other wonderful dried flowers.  This is a must for your floral arrangement or centerpieces.  It has wonderful little seed pods that are great in between other flowers. We are happy to be able to provide flax for you with the wonderful little yellow seed pods on branching thin stems.  These little seed heads are small and somewhat reminiscent of baby's breath.  This makes dried flax a perfect filler for dried or fresh flower arrangements.   The seed pods are prolific and the stems branching, so that the little seed  heads can make a sweet and subtle splash when placed in with other dried flowers such as peony's, larkspur or pearly everlasting. Used dried flax for any natural arrangement.  They are pretty and unique enough to made a wonderful bouquet on their own!  They are long lasting, never need water and will add interest and beauty wherever they are used. Don't forget the filler or you will spend too much trying to make an arrangement look good.  This is dried and ready to go. You will love it.


Product: Dried Flax Linum
Size: large 4 oz bundle
Length: 22-24 inches long
Diameter: average 5-7 inches
Color: light green with yellow berries
Case Option: Buy a full case of 30 flax bundles and Save Even More!

Also known as: Linnium, flax, flax linum

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