Dried Harvest tone Oak Leaves (1 LB Preserved leaves)

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Natural Dried and Preserved Harvest Tone Oak Leaves for Decorations
These beautiful harvest tone oak leaves blend the ending of summer with the colors of fall. The oak leaves sport a beautiful array of fall colors, ranging from the summer's end green, to the beautiful yellows, reds and oranges of autumn. These beautiful oak leaves are real, still attached to the branches where they grew, and preserved to last for years. Preserved oak leaves make a stunning display of fall folage where ever they are placed. Put the oak leaves in a large vase in the entry to greet friends and family with the friendly colors of fall. Scatter these brightly colored leaves over the dining table, make place mats, or napkin ring decorations using these preserved oak leaves to add a wonderful fall feel to your dining experience. A bowl filled with single leaves is stunningly beautiful, as only mother nature can create. These harvest tone oak leaves make brightly stunning displays as wreathes, topiaries, swags, garlands, in a vase, a bowl or a cornucopia. A wreath or garland made of natural preserved oak leaves in harvest tone colors would look stunning together with multi-hued Indian Corn, miniature pumpkins, sunflowers and wheat. As the harvest tone leaves are so brightly colored, a vase of the oakleaves and wheat stocks together make a beautiful blend of color and texture fitting for any fall display.

Oak Leaves Colors Available:
Summer Green
Mango (Orange)
Harvest Tones

Note: Any returned oak leaves will incur a 25% restocking fee.

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