Dried Moss Assortment

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Dried Moss Assortment
The perfect dried moss assortment for a project that doesn't require a lot of one type.  Also very good to try out the different mosses and see which one you like.  Great for having on had for small and medium arrangements.  You will love the quality.  You will love the packaging of our dried moss.  It will last and last. The moss assortment is generally composed of Spanish moss, Reindeer Moss, Black Lichen, and Sheet Moss. The bag is packed of approximately of .3 lbs of moss (all total).  We used to pack it in trays, but we found that bags were much more user-friendly both in terms of pricing and in terms of travel. The variety in colors make this assortment very user-friendly in terms of its appearance and in its everyday use.  You will really enjoy using it!

Product: Dried Moss Assortment
Moss types that can be included: Natural Spanish Moss, Spring Green Reindeer Moss, Natural Black Lichen, and Green Sheet Moss
Moss Bag Size Dimensions: 14x7x3 inches
Moss Weight: 1lb
Case Option: Buy a Case of 6 bags of Assorted Moss and save Big!


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