Dried Moss Balls - Preserved - 2,6,8 inch diameter

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Options: Case of 36 - 2 inch balls
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Decorative Moss Balls
A moss ball on its own becomes a no care substitute for a hanging basket or topiary.  They can be displayed in bell jars, pots, vases, or just alone sitting on a shelf.  A moss ball makes a wonderful home decorating accent. These moss balls will last and look beautiful for years with no care or maintenance needed.   Whether you are looking for a base for a project or just an interesting home or office decor, you can't go wrong choosing our moss balls.

Product: Decorative Dried Moss Balls
Color: Green
Type: Sheet Moss
Size: 2-8 inch depending on size selected
Case: See Cases options below for more discounts

Other names: moss ball, sheet moss ball, fake moss ball, artificial moss balls, green moss balls,  moss ball decor, moss balls for sale, large moss balls, decorating with moss balls

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