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Dried Coconut Palm Net
Dried coconut palm net has many uses.  A great replacement for other mosses and palm fibers. Palm netting is excellent to hide glue and foam. Wrap tree trunks for a natural look.  It is also great for island crafts, decorations, or to use as grass for any other craft project.  Also called coir, palm net comes from coconut tree husk and has been cleaned and dried, and preserved and ready for your use.  You will love the look it gives your crafts.  We Guarantee it!


Product: Dried Palm Net
Amount: large 8 oz bunch - about 6 pcs per bunch
Size Range: 10-15 inches long, 7-12 inches wide
Color: natural brown
Width: about 8 inches wide
Case Option: Buy a full case of 18 bunches of palm fiber and save even more!
Bulk Case Option: Buy a full case of 17 pounds (272 oz) of palm fiber and save even more!

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