Dried Pearly Everlasting Bunch

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Natural White Pearly Everlasting dried flowers
The flower Pearly Everlasting got its name from the common practice of drying these beautiful flowers during the summer and fall months to bring a bright spot into the home during the long winter months. Pearly Everlasting is beautiful dried, and lasts 'forever'. Pearly Everlasting grows up to two feet high and has silvery green flower stems and leaves. Native to most of the United States, Pearly Everlasting is known best for its use in floral arrangements, to bring a spot of brightness to wreaths and swags, garlands and dried decor arrangements, and for its ability to stay beautiful for years once it is properly dried. Pearly Everlasting is easily added to brighten a wreath, placed in with greenery to make a beautiful wedding arch, add a bright and clean look to a garland or swag and add contrast in any floral arrangement.  Stems of Pearly Everlasting look lovely when tucked inside the branches of a Christmas tree. 

Product: Pearly everlasting flowers
Size bunch: 2 oz. dried pearly everlasting flower bundle
Length: 12-18 inches
Type: Long lasting (Looks beautiful for years)
Case Option: Buy a full case of Pearly Everlasting bunches and Save More!

Other names for Pearly Everlasting: Anaphalis Margaritacea, preserved flowers, preserved flower, dried flowers

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