Dried Rose Buds - Rose Petals Grade A

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Dried Rose Buds - Rose Petals
If you love the smell of roses then you have found the right product.  These Dried Rose Buds are beautiful and fragrant with the lovely smell of roses.  Perfect for rose petal satchel bags. Our employees love working with them because they smell so great. They would love to package some fresh rose buds up for you today. 
Dried Rose Buds are also great for so many other applications.  Great for:  potpourri, crafts, wedding throwing bags, leaving rose bud trails, other crafts, centerpieces.  These rose petals will be be great for your craft, decoration, or fun party.  Try some rose buds today and you will not be disappointed.  We guarantee it!


Product: Dried Rose Buds - Rose Petals
Amount: 1 lb bag
Type: Grade A
Case Option: By a full case of 16 lbs of Rose buds and Save Even More!

Other names: rose bud, rose petal, petals of roses, rose buds for sale, buy rose petals

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