Dried Seteria Grass - Setaria Grass - Colors

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Dried Seteria Grass - Foxtail millet
Dried Seteria Grass is a an amazing, unique, and hard to find decorative grass. Also called foxtail millet or setaria grass.  Try some in your home or office today. It is a soft fluffy grass that is great for adding to arrangements that need round or softness.  Make sure you look at all the colors we have available. Get some for one of your arrangements today and you won't be sorry.  We Guarantee it!

Product: Dried Seteria Grass
Amount: 3-4oz bunch
Color: Natural, Burnt Oak, Berry, Chocolate, Light Green
Length: 18-20 inches
Case Option: Buy a full discount case of 12 Seteria grass bunches and Save Even More!

Other names: Preserved Setaria grass, dried seteria grass, dried grasses, Decorative grasses, foxtail millet

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