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Case of 12 - Mixed Colors: Case of 12 bunches - Red
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Dried Dyed Star Flowers
Star flowers are a wonderful little flower. They look great dyed without looking fake. They are small by themselves but put a handful of them together and you really have something to work with.  They are a small flower on a straw flower stem. The flowers are easy to work with and you will love the results.  They would make a wonderful wedding bouquet or are perfect to put in any arrangement for you home and office.  Try some of our starflower today.  You will be glad you did.

Product: Star Flowers
Colors: Dyed (counter-clockwise on main image)  purple, blue,  yellow, bleached, slate blue, emerald green, light green/mint, gold (second image) light pink, lavender, royal blue, orange, peach, red
Short stem length: about 12 inches
Long stem length: about 18 inches
Amount: Large 3-4 oz bundle (as pictured)
Diameter of top of flowers: about 6 inches
Type: Straw flowers with 1/4 inch flowers
Case Option: Buy a full case of 12 star flower bunches and Save Even More!
Other Case Option: Buy a case of 15 bulk 1 lb star flowers long stem bunches (Specify at checkout: Basil, Blue, Gold, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow) and Save Even More!

Other spellings: Dyed Starflower, starflowers, star flower, star flowers

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