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Dried Wheat Bunch
The 8 oz wheat bunches are perfect for both formal and informal decorating needs. The 8 oz wheat comes in both short and long stem, which also makes it a great crafting wheat choice. Wheat stems can be soaked for eight to twelve hours and then woven or braided into ornaments, wall hangings or wreaths. Our 8 oz wheat is the perfect size for placing in a quart jar for a quick and ready country look display. Just simply removed the wheat from the mylar sleeve, and place it in a quart jar. The wheat will naturally tumble into place in a perfect display, ready to use as a centerpiece or room brightening bouquet. For a more formal look, the 8 oz wheat comes in both long and short stem to fit any decorating needs. Wheat adds simple elegance to any occasion. To make a formal display, wheat can be placed in an elegant vase, or mixed with multiple grains, grasses and/or flowers and tied with ribbon. Tie a bundle of wheat mixed with avena oats, millet, rice and straw flowers together with a ribbon in a stand alone bunch as a formal centerpiece. Whatever the occasion, from a wedding to a barn dance, a formal dinner centerpiece to a tailgate party, a display of wheat can bring with it a freshness and a feeling of sunshine and plenty. This organically grown product is naturally dry and will last for years in a dry, pest free environment.


Product: Dried Wheat bunch, raffia tie not included
Amount: 8 oz wheat bunch
Stems: 40-60 pieces
Short stem Length: 12-18 inches
Long stem length: 18-24 inches
Case Option: Buy a case of 20 wheat bunches and Save Even More!

Length Note: Wheat length does vary each year.  Some minor trimming with scissors maybe require for your individual project.


Other Names: wheat bunch, wheat bundle

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