Grapewood Branches - Sandblasted - Grape Wood

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Options: Case of 6 branches - 24 inch
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Grapewood Branches - Sandblasted
Make some of the most interesting natural arrangments with grapewood branches.  They are naturally grown in California in grape vineyards and are just part of the natural growing and pruning process for grapes. It is beautiful grape wood that is left behind and then is sandbasted to remove the bark.  This leaves a work of art from mother nature.  Perfect for creating your works of art by adding dried flowers, moss, hanging ornaments, or just standing up for a corner arrangment.  You will love the easy and fun look they provide in an instant.  We guarantee it.


Product: Grapewood Branches - Sandblasted
Color: Sandblasted natural light brown wood exposed (see picture)
Case Only at this time. 
UPS Ground Shipping Sizes:
Case of 12 inch, 25/case
Case of 18 inch, 12/case
Case of 24 inch, 6/case
Grapewood Log Case of 6" x 14" inch logs, 12/case


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