Green Beardless Wheat Bundle

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Options: Case of 20 bunches - Long
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Dried Green Beardless Wheat Sale
Green wheat it is harvested early so it keeps its natural green wheat color. It is beautiful and naturally colored.  Try it in any arrangement or mix it with any of our other wheat or dried bundles for an amazing look. Beginning with the dry seed, to fully ripened, wheat goes through 99 different stages of growth. (Zadoks scale).  Picking it at just the precise stage of development,  before fully ripened, and hanging to dry naturally, leaves the decorative wheat with a gentle summer green hue.


Product: Green Beardless Wheat Bunch
Amount: 8 oz bunch, about 40-60 stems
Long Stem Length: 18-24 inches
Case Option: Buy a full case of 20 Beardless Green wheat bunches and Save Even More!

Length Note: Wheat length does vary each year.  Some minor trimming with scissors maybe require for your individual project. 
Other Info:Long lasting (Looks beautiful for years)

All natural farm grown wheat
Cleaned and naturally dried green
Easy centerpieces
Simply elegant

Other names: Tarwe wheat, tarwe grain, wheat without beard, green wheat, dried wheat

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