Mahogany Pods

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Dried Mahogany Pods
A bunch of these ornamental Mahogany pods will add a touch of exotic flair to any home decor or craft project. Each natural preserved mahogany pod has been attached to a long stem, ready to be placed in a vase alone, paired with other pods and branches, or tucked into a bouquet of fresh or dried flowers. The five pods in each bundle are assorted sizes, as these are a natural product of Mother Nature.  They range in size from three to five inches in length and two to four inches in diameter.  The stems are each approximately eighteen inches long and can be easily trimmed to suit your needs. Whatever you choose to do with these gorgeous large dried Mahogany pods, you are sure to receive complements on the finished display. And the best part is, if they are handled carefully, they will last for many seasons to come and will always keep their style.

Product: Mahogany Pods
Amount: 10-12 stems per bunch
Type: Stemmed
Color: Natural light brown to dark brown
Case Option: Buy a full case of 20 Mahogany Pods and Save Even more!

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